Its been a long while and I decided Its time I get back to blogging…

This is my first personal project for the year 2011. Could be the possibility of being a sadist, artwork where they tie the subject had always brought  interest and intrigue to me ever since I started taking portraits. Its probably one of the weirdest things anybody can think of but things out of the norm had usually proven to bring out art. Possessing that interest challenged me to do a project based on that concept.

For the project I converted my room into an instant studio and used old newspaper  to hide the aura of a usual dwelling place.  This is actually my first time to do a shoot in my place and I guess I’d be doing more work here in the future.

Instead of the usual tie (rope) that is usually used I decided to go with a barrier tape for this one.

And of course.. without the model this wouldn’t be possible. It wasn’t easy especially getting the model to adjust her  pose and position. I am glad I found somebody willing to do the tough task.

Shooting took about an hour and I am glad it went out well.

Hope you guys like this work.


6 thoughts on “Restricted

  1. congrats kid on your first photo project this year 🙂 hoping that 2011 will bring you more opportunities.
    nice concept and really like the contrast.


    again, if you need an assistant, im just in inage haha

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