I had fun with HDR

The Fukutoshin Subway Line

A good number of modern photographers are said to undergo a phase in which they marvel a lot on HDR (High Dynamic Range) images and go wow on how detailed the photos are then they go take pictures and try on ways on how to turn them to the surreal images that HDR brings.


About 2 years ago I also had my share of going through that “HDR stage”. I experimented a lot during that time.  Took multiple exposures of a shot then merge it and then process it with tone mapping adjustments. I also played around with old photos. Made adjusted copies of it then merging it as if it were differently exposed shots then do the tone mixing.  There were even times where I just spent the whole weekend taking photos for it and working on the process.


The photos here I posted are the ones I like most out of the ones I made.  I have a little more here on this flickr set – My HDR Photos

555 Subaru Impreza

That stage went on for about 3 months until I discovered a different interest in the field of photography. I never went to being able to master it but there were good lessons I learned and what’s  best is the fact that the experience was something that I enjoyed. I had fun doing it.

Japan Airlines 767


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