With the recent disaster that struck Japan some photographers had fled and sold their equipment to the ones staying. Being one of those that stayed I was able to get hold of a good set of strobes for a very reasonable price.

I usually do my strobist shoots before using a combination of speedlights and this would be first time to own studio strobes. Although low-powered ones I believe this would be a good upgrade from the speedlights that I have so I decided to get them.

Wanting to know how different are 160 watt-powered strobes to my speedlights I decided to do a test shoot and set-up again a mini studio in my small apartment unit.

For my test subject I invited friendly neighborhood model Maki …

Maki brought different sets of wardrobes so we were able to do variations of fashion and glamour sets.

Here is what we had during that session.

I really had fun doing the test and especially with the model being easy to work and as for the strobes they really are a step forward and is a very welcome addition to my equipments. Although I would still drool for the high-end ones but for the mean time this is just what I need and I would love using again soon.


Model – Maki Shena


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