Golden Week Fun Shoot

I had three vacant days last Golden Week. No work.. no errands and no travel so I have to come up with a shoot in order to save me from boredom and not avoid throwing away those days. I picked the 2nd of the 3 days and called in a couple of my friends to come over for a shoot.

Modeling for the shoot is Christina. She is a student and certainly not a professional model but she really did the job very well.  Another photographer – Niño also came in to take pictures and to help me out with the shoot.

I also set out tasks for the shoot. First is to try combining my new strobes with a couple of my speedlights. Second is to create some new variety of pictures for my port and lastly the most important one is to have fun.

We started doing a set outdoors..

And did the rest inside my place.

After the shoot we treated ourselves with  a large pizza and some other delicious goodies.

We ended the day with filled stomachs, smile on our faces and of course… the photos that are here.


Model: Christina Ras

Tandem Photographer: Niño Borja


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