Summer Fun Shoot

I am glad to get my blog rolling again. Its been a while since I was here.

Earlier this month, I helped organize a model shoot for the Photopoyan photographers club. Most of the members haven’t tried a model shoot so we decided to give them a first hand experience in shooting models.

Marica modeled for the shoot  and since it’s summer here in Japan having a beach-swimwear shoot was an easy choice for a theme.

Here are some photos I took from our shoot.

Marica was really fun and easy to work with and sure was the perfect model for the activity. The guys really enjoyed taking pictures of her and she also enjoyed posing.

It was really a great experience for the “Photopoyers”  that it left them wanting for more. I wouldn’t hesitate giving them a hand again in organizing a model shoot and I really look forward to joining the group’s fun-filled activities.

Model: Marica Suzuki
HMUA: Niki Medina

Thanks JJ for letting me use your photo!

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